Public speaking and Communications coaching


Speakership is leadership.

I believe there are prime opportunities for leading, connecting, and growing in spoken words. 

The act of crafting pitches, presenting new ideas, and speaking to audiences of any size is an opportunity for the speaker to lead the audience to a unique place. 

What is your message? Why is it important to you? What results are you seeking? How would you like to impact the listeners?

I support all stages of your speaking process, from finding your best idea, through shaping content, to a calm and confident delivery.

I will be the pusher, the rigorous story shaper, and steadfast supporter to your speaking project.

Join me in exploring how to lead with your speaking.

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About Margaret Watts Romney

Margaret believes in person speaking provides prime opportunities for connection, learning, influence, leadership, and growth. She sees a that we are wired for live connection, and wants to help prepare people for the speaking opportunities that will come their way whether from the stage, conference room, dinner party, or an important conversation.

Her early professional life centered around all things related to the cello: performing, teaching, arranging, and directing events. After 10 years of study with master teachers in Suzuki philosophy, she taught and performed for another 10 guided by the principles of a connected relationship, keeping a long-term vision in mind, and presenting ideas one at a time. She now applies these concepts to her own speaking and teaches them to her clients.

She was a communication director at the Suzuki Association of the Americas from 2016-2019 where she served the community from Canada to Argentina through producing a podcast (Building Noble Hearts), writing newsletters, and developing communication support to leaders of local chapters across the continent, as well as facilitating, presenting, and keynoting at international conferences.

Margaret has been nicknamed “The Benevolent Pusher” for her uncanny ability to be supportive, directive, and entertaining as she leads communication workshops and coaches individual speakers. She has supported entrepreneurs preparing investment pitches, individual create their signature talk, and over 100 TEDx event speakers. She says, “Speakership is Leadership” and is passionate about helping people lead from the stage.

Her free time is filled with meditation, podcasts, tea, hiking the paths of Boulder, CO, and reveling in her three grown daughters’ marvelous lives.


"...steady and firm while also soft..."

Margaret has been and is a gift in my life, one of those people who changes you, who sees you, and who helps you see your own potential and ability. ... Her involvement, encouragement, and coaching allowed me to distill my story and my experience into a compelling, clear, yet also vulnerable piece of work. Margaret's love for coaching people to share their gifts in their fullest, most vibrant, truest form shined from her face from the moment I met her, and throughout my experience with her. Even during times when my self-doubt threatened to make me quit the whole endeavor, Margaret was steady, and firm, while also soft, and loving. 

Margaret has a gift. Her ability to connect to the human part of you, while coaxing out your abilities, is unmatched by anyone else I have ever met. I would be honored to work with Margaret again, and look forward to doing so someday, for some things are just meant to be.

/ Hala Saleh - Expedia /


"Unafraid of difficult conversations and interactions..."

Margaret leads well… She welcomes a variety of opinions and ideas - always - and often is the person who brings a team's ideas into fruition and moves everything forward. Margaret is mature and wise, therefore unafraid of difficult conversations and interactions. She knows when to wait using effective silence, and when to step in and contribute to the situation. I've thought that she has the intuition of a international diplomat having a deep sense of knowing what is not being said and bringing it to the table for discussion… She is a catalyst for personal and communal transformation in all situations.

/ Alice Ann O'Neil - Sister of Charity /