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“…giving you and your startup or small business the edge you need to get noticed.”

Founders pitching their startups need more than generic direction and feedback, we need a presentation coach we can call on for content strategy and confidence to overcome our fears. Margaret delivers on all fronts - her techniques in public speaking and presentation work. She will elevate your pitch to the next level giving you and your startup or small business the edge you need to get noticed. I highly recommend Margaret, we’re blessed to call her our public speaking coach and mentor.

/ Kristen Miller - InMotion Albums /


"...generous listening...added power to my message..."

"Margaret coached me in 2016 as I prepared to present at the Global Health & Innovation Conference. During this memorable journey, Margaret led mostly with generous listening and questions, guiding me to reconnect, or perhaps I should say, connect more deeply with my own humanity and my message. She helped me see how humor and story added power to my message and connection with my audience. The changes she inspired in me still inform my speeches today.

"Back in 2016, she guided me all the way to the semi finals of the Global Health & Innovation Prize."


/  Marielle Pariseau  - Teeth First /


“…the talk of their lives without a background in public speaking”

“Margaret was a perfect balance of being a coach, motivator and friend; all in non-judgemental, encouraging environment. What was surprising with our experience was how so many TEDx speakers in our group seemed to really give the talk of their lives without a background in public speaking. My son (and I) was very fortunate to work with Margaret!”

/ Jack and Steve Bonneau - Jack’s Stands /

"Gifted...skilled...able to transform..."

"Every now and then, you work with someone who is so truly gifted and skilled at what they do that you gain a sincere appreciation for their position. Margaret is one of those amazing people who is not only able to quickly mentally digest complex concepts, she's able transform, refine, and restructure them in such a way as to make their communication effective. I was honored to have had the pleasure of working with Margaret in preparation for my TEDxSaltLakeCity talk and much of her influence is directly present in its final rendering. I would wholeheartedly endorse her for any and all aspects of communication, public relations, and public speaking strategy functions. She is a rock star.."

/  Bassam Salem - AtlasRTX /


"...exceptional...kind but clear...unique and refreshing..."

"Margaret is an exceptional coach. Her ability to deliver constructive criticism in a kind but clear way is rare. Her skill at distilling complex and convoluted ideas into clear stories that can be understood by a broad audience is unique and refreshing. I would highly recommend Margaret for anyone with a technical or complex topic that needs distilling and those that need assistance in their performance/speaking skills."

/  Ivy Estabrooke  /


"…the benevolent scalpel"

Margaret served as my coach for TEDxBoulder. I can safely say that, for all of us speakers, Margaret was our safe haven from the storm throughout the entire process. She has an unmatched ability to hear a speaker's idea, help them separate the wheat from the chaff, and lovingly push them to craft their initial idea into a powerful narrative. She has been referred to as "the benevolent scalpel," helping to sculpt a speaker's story into its most essential truths, and providing constructive, encouraging feedback throughout an often grueling, discouraging process. My talk was much improved by having Margaret as its shepherd, and my nerves were calmed by her presence alone!

/ Katie Breen - TEDxBoulder Speaker /


"Unafraid of difficult conversations and interactions..."

Margaret leads well… She welcomes a variety of opinions and ideas - always - and often is the person who brings a team's ideas into fruition and moves everything forward. Margaret is mature and wise, therefore unafraid of difficult conversations and interactions. She knows when to wait using effective silence, and when to step in and contribute to the situation. I've thought that she has the intuition of a international diplomat having a deep sense of knowing what is not being said and bringing it to the table for discussion… She is a catalyst for personal and communal transformation in all situations.

/ Alice Ann O'Neil - Sister of Charity /



"As good as it gets..."

Margaret is smart, patient, allowing, quick-witted, and highly committed to the people she works with. If you need someone to help take your orient your talk or take it to the next level, she's as good as it gets. Lots of functional tips, tools, and expertise to draw from, but also a level of kindness, space holding, and belief that most people just don't have. Thanks for everything!

/ Chelsea Rustrum - Blockchain Marketing Agency/ 


"Thoughtful...amazing...a huge impact..."

"I teach visual, verbal, and graphic communications to architecture students at the University of Utah, and invited Margaret in to run a half-day training for the group of 35 students prior to a public speaking assignment. I was incredibly impressed both by the thoughtful preparation she did with me to understand the particular needs of the students and prepare a series of interactive exercises. It was amazing to see even my most shy and reserved student drawn out of their shell and taking part in the day. In such a short time with so many students, I don't know how she managed to have such a huge impact. I learned an incredible amount myself and plan to recommend to my college inviting her to develop a program for our faculty who speak at conferences and at events across the country. She's a gifted teacher!"

/  Erin Carraher  - University of Utah /


"Motivating a group of people to achieve common, yet individual, goals."

I highly recommend Margaret for any position in which she has a leadership role that involves anything to to do with assembling and motivating a group of people to achieve common, yet individual, goals. I had the honor of working with Margaret as my mentor twice in this capacity. The time first being in a small group of people that Margaret met with weekly to mentor each of us on how to craft specific the speeches we were each working on for career reasons. She did a fantastic job of promoting camaraderie among us, as well as providing expert speech presentation and writing advice. The second time I worked with Margaret was when I was a speaker at the 2016 TEDx Westminster College. Margaret was hired by the TEDx Westminster College group to coach the speakers in the months leading up to the TEDx Westminster College event. Most of the speakers were not professional speakers, yet once again, Margaret created a safe place that provided both learning and compassion that benefited all those in her group. As a result, the TEDx Westminster College event was a huge success. In both instances I learned a lot from Margaret and would work with her again in a heartbeat! Anyone who hires her is lucky to have her!

/ Stacy Dymalski - The Memoir Midwife /


"...Smart, intuitive, kind, organized, and driven."

"Margaret is smart, intuitive, kind, organized, and driven. Through my experience preparing speaking at TEDx SaltLakeCity, Margaret was my biggest advocate. She helped put me at ease when things got crazy. She helped draw my talk out of me, and helped me deliver it in a way left exactly the impact I had hoped. Margaret isn't just a great speaker coach, she's a great human being. She understands others in a way many people don't. She picks up quickly on their concerns, and worries, and passions.
She's the kind of person you want to lead the charge of pulling out the best stories and lessons at an event like TEDxSaltLakeCity."

/ Nate Bagley - Loveumentary /


"Creative, dedicated, and passionate..."

"Margaret is creative, dedicated, and passionate about her work. She was my speaker coach for TEDxSaltLakeCity and helped turn my idea into a unique story that engaged the audience. Margaret was always available to coach the many speakers and spent a significant amount of time volunteering on weekends and late into the night to help our team do its best."

/  Ben Rollins  /


"...steady and firm while also soft..."

Margaret has been and is a gift in my life, one of those people who changes you, who sees you, and who helps you see your own potential and ability. ... Her involvement, encouragement, and coaching allowed me to distill my story and my experience into a compelling, clear, yet also vulnerable piece of work.Margaret's love for coaching people to share their gifts in their fullest, most vibrant, truest form shined from her face from the moment I met her, and throughout my experience with her. Even during times when my self-doubt threatened to make me quit the whole endeavor, Margaret was steady, and firm, while also soft, and loving. 

Margaret has a gift. Her ability to connect to the human part of you, while coaxing out your abilities, is unmatched by anyone else I have ever met. I would be honored to work with Margaret again, and look forward to doing so someday, for some things are just meant to be.

/ Hala Saleh - Expedia /


“I watched my talk develop into a compelling piece of oratory greatness!”

I worked with Margaret on my TEDx Boulder talk. I started the process with a bunch of ideas without any cogent narrative and I was so unsure of myself. After a few weeks, I watched my talk develop into a compelling piece of oratory greatness! And when I took the stage, in front of 1200 people, I felt more comfortable and confident than I ever could have anticipated. This is all thanks to Margaret, her coaching, and her support.

/ Liz Marasco /


"...professional advice...invaluable guidance...fresh ideas..."

I have had the opportunity to work with Margaret on several occasions and in several capacities over the past two years. I sought Margaret out for professional advice and mentoring; she was kind and professional, guiding me to see many different side of the issues, as well as giving me invaluable guidance on dealing with difficult situations. Margaret has a gift for listening and understanding, drawing people out of their shells, and brings a sense of calm wherever she goes.

As a speaker and presenter, Margaret is polished and professional, as capable presenting to large audiences as she is to groups of 4 and 5. Having listened to her present on several different topics, I have appreciated her insights as well as her ability to present information covering diverse topics in such a captivating, accessible format. I also appreciated how easy Margaret was to work with, she always communicated promptly, was flexible and accommodating, and brought many fresh ideas to our workshop.

/ Stacy Smith - Suzuki Association of Utah /