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The Three A’s of Leadership Communication: How Words Can Build a Team to a Thriving Community

Every time we open our mouths to speak with our team we have an opportunity to build a stronger and healthier community. But how do we build a culture of trust and creativity? Are there patterns of communication that are more beneficial to our goals? In this lively and interactive talk, we will learn to listen for and practice the kinds of communication patterns that interactions of that build strong communities in the long run. 



Public Speaking Refreshed: 10 Tips to Win Your First 7 Seconds on the Stage


When you find yourself in front of a crowd and speaking, your body language, tone of voice, and energy have the potential to connect you to your audience more deeply than any screen. No one swipes left when a great story is being told. But how do you draw in your audience and keep their attention? How do you fight the jitters? What if you forget what you were going to say?

In this educational talk, we will hear behind-the-scenes stories from TEDx events, understand the role of a leader from the stage, and gain the tools to refresh and invigorate the audience’s public speaking.




Seize the Steering Wheel: What Childhood Heart Surgery Taught Me About Connecting to My Body and Owning My Life

Margaret Watts Romney spent a lot of time in hospitals as a child. Her heart defect and too many medicinal memories led to a neurological trigger that causes vasovagal syncope: quickly falling blood pressure which causes fainting. Margaret doesn't let this issue control her, she listens to her body. "I know how to state my no and own my yes," she says. In this motivational talk, she shares her story, how she gained a sense of control, and gives ideas to an audience about how they can also take the steering wheel in their life by connecting more deeply to what their body is telling them. 

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“…invites your audience to being inspired…”

Margaret, I wanted to thank you for the amazing insight you shared with me during your 4BR Mastermind presentation. You have a way of expressing yourself that allows.....no....invites your audience to be very open to not only hearing your message but also being inspired to apply your excellent perspective. I especially enjoyed how you brought the power of mindfulness and music to your excellent talk. Thank you!

/ Ed Wheeler -Mindset Coach /

“…Connect with the audience in large or small gatherings…”

I have had the opportunity to see Margaret speak on multiple occasions and she is fantastic. Her ability to connect with the audience in large or small gatherings is something that you do not see very often. She also creates a very welcoming practice space where you can practice stepping out of what would normally be your comfort zone. Keep up the great work Margaret!

/ Bradley Goldsberry /


“…authentic heart for leading others to uncover their passion”

I've had the privilege to get to know Margaret and attend several of her workshops and presentations. She has an authentic heart for leading others to uncover and communicate their passion. Margaret guides them through the process of telling their story in such a way that the audience is transported into the story and they can feel every emotion of the moment. She demonstrates and teaches the ideas behind public speaking for the highest level of connection, the message and the greatest impact to the audience. Margaret has my highest recommendation!

/ Darryl Meyer /


"professional advice and mentoring"

I have had the opportunity to work with Margaret on several occasions and in several capacities over the past two years. I sought Margaret out for professional advice and mentoring; she was kind and professional, guiding me to see many different side of the issues, as well as giving me invaluable guidance on dealing with difficult situations. Margaret has a gift for listening and understanding, drawing people out of their shells, and brings a sense of calm wherever she goes.

As a speaker and presenter, Margaret is polished and professional, as capable presenting to large audiences as she is to groups of 4 and 5. Having listened to her present on several different topics, I have appreciated her insights as well as her ability to present information covering diverse topics in such a captivating, accessible format. I also appreciated how easy Margaret was to work with, she always communicated promptly, was flexible and accommodating, and brought many fresh ideas to our workshop.

/ Stacy Smith - Suzuki Association of Utah /