Margaret Watts Romney has been nicknamed "The Benevolent Pusher" for her uncanny ability to be simultaneously supportive and directive. Whether she's instructing about the technical skills required to play a 17th century non-fretted instrument, leading unforgettable workshops, or coaching years of TEDx speakers across continents, Margaret approaches each opportunity with presence, grace, humor, and her full attention. 

Pat Crowley is Founder and CEO of Chapul Inc., an award winning company financially backed by Mark Cuban, after Pat appeared on the hit TV Show, Shark Tank. Pat has created an international presence and ignited a revolution that is challenging the boundaries of food. He has been quoted by CNN, Huffington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and has spoken from TEDx, University, and International stages. Pat blends humor and creative storytelling into his high-energy style of presentation, captivating a wide range of audiences.

Recommendations for Margaret

"Margaret is an exceptional coach. Her ability to deliver constructive criticism in a kind but clear way is rare. Her skill at distilling complex and convuluted ideas into clear stories that can be understood by a broad audience is unique and refreshing. I would highly recommend Margaret for anyone with a technical or complex topic that needs distilling and those that need assistance in their performance/speaking skills." - Ivy Estabrooke, Executive Director at USTAR

"Margaret is a multi-talented individual who constantly strives to bring out the best in others. I was fortunate enough to work with her at TedX 2015 and she was beyond impressive. She was the perfect mix of critique, encouragement, support, and guidance. Her objective was excellence and she poured herself into her role. I could not recommend anyone more highly." - David R. York, Attorney and Director at York Howell & Guymon

"Every now and then, you work with someone who is so truly gifted and skilled at what they do that you gain a sincere appreciation for their position. Margaret is one of those amazing people who is not only able to quickly mentally digest complex concepts, she's able transform, refine, and restructure them in such a way as to make their communication effective. I was honored to have had the pleasure of working with Margaret in preparation for my TEDxSaltLakeCity talk and much of her influence is directly present in its final rendering. I would wholeheartedly endorse her for any and all aspects of communication, public relations, and public speaking strategy functions. She is a rock star." - Bassam Salem, COO at MaritzCX

"After seeing one amazing TEDxSLC speaker after another last year and inquiring about how they were prepared, I was introduced to Margaret as the mastermind behind the innovative and intensive speaker training program. I teach visual, verbal, and graphic communications to architecture students at the University of Utah, and invited Margaret in to run a half-day training for the group of 35 students prior to a public speaking assignment. I was incredibly impressed both by the thoughtful preparation she did with me to understand the particular needs of the students and prepare a series of interactive exercises. It was amazing to see even my most shy and reserved student drawn out of their shell and taking part in the day. In such a short time with so many students, I don't know how she managed to have such a huge impact. I learned an incredible amount myself and plan to recommend to my college inviting her to develop a program for our faculty who speak at conferences and at events across the country. She's a gifted teacher!" - Erin Carraher, Assistant Professor of Architecture at University of Utah

Recommendations for Pat

"Pat Crowley was the most successful Entrepreneur in Resident we have had so far. His combination of passion and business savvy resonated with students and faculty, and his public talk drew in the highest turnout ever. " - Scott Byrant, MSU, Jake Jabs School of Entrepreneurship

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